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November 28 2012

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le me every time i  have to study

500 days of Kibum
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This is my bias group ! B1A4 :D
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My bias ! Sandeul :D from B1A4 
His voice is really good, I recommneed you to listen to one of his songs NOW!
Here's my second post :D
it's 1:36PM we have nearly 50 minutes left of lunch break ! So I guess I could write loads of stuff here ~ In this post I'll talk about me, my bias's what I like doing and life ~ If your intrested read on ! I'll do another post with pictures of my bias's and talk about what I like doing ^^ Thank you

November 27 2012

    OKAY! Here's my first post ... Here's a little introduction :D

I'm 15, I like making films and I have a huge obbsession with KPOP ! My favourite group is B1A4 used to be SHINee but B1A4's music is amazing sdhlgjah <3 so catchy ! If you haven't heard of them I reccomened them!

I like f(x) too, Sulli and Victoria is my favourite members C:

okay .. I'm going off subject! Basically I created this so I can blog in school because strangely this website isn't blocked <3 AWESOME! I'll probably blog about some random subjects ... If you're reading this then HAI! I'm glad I have somebody reading this xD
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